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TV and Satellite Signal Measurement and Installation Advice.
With the change from analogue to digital TV many viewers may need to review their best options regarding reception. The key issue is to know whether your current aerial is receiving all the available channels. With analogue TV a single channel carries a single programme channel. With digital each channel is a multiplex carrying around nine TV and possibly a selection of radio programmes. Lose that channel and the whole programme group will be lost. We can measure the signal strength and quality of each of the six multiplex channels you should currently receive. If you have an older narrow band aerial you may not be receiving all the channels. In the changeover to digital the Reigate transmitter moved most of its digital signals to a lower frequency than that used on its analogue channels. As a result most viewers receiving TV from the Reigate transmitter will need a new wideband aerial.

Another option is to receive Freesat signals using a dish. This system has nothing to do with Sky, although Freesat signals can also be received by Sky receivers without the need for a subscription card. In bad reception areas this may be the only option and it does provide a sure way of receiving free HD programmes from the BBC and ITV. Again we can test the performance of existing satellite dishes and advise what needs to be done to provide feeds to several receivers from a single dish. We can also check to ensure that a possible new dish location will work and provide reliable service when installed.
For those wanting an integrated solution outlet plates in each room can provide TV, Satellite and Networking. Call or email to arrange for a survey. We normally limit this service to customers residing within ten miles of Reigate.


Terms & Conditions