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Media Centre Systems and Computers Specially Built To Order.
One of our specialities is the construction of high performance media computer systems. These replace all the functions of separate players and recorders with one integrated unit.
Our Media Centre Servers are Windows 7 64 bit with multi core processors and typically include the following:
BluRay player
Twin HD Satellite Receivers
CD/DVD Reader/Writer
Twin 1TB Hard Drives
High performance graphics card with HDMI, DVI, VGA and Display Port outputs.
Surround sound with optical output.
Storage expansion to accommodate six hard drives.

Media Centre Features
The Media Centre will copy your entire CD music collection, add track name and cover art and catalogue the library by Artist, Album, Genre and Title. Any track or Album can be played almost instantly.
The Media Centre will also order your photo collections. Locating a single photo is easy as is playing back as a slide show a whole folder of pictures. As the slide show displays your pictures you can select any tracks, albums or playlists from your music library to play simultaneously.
Any DVD loaded will be identified, cover art and chapter information will be located on the internet and added to the displayed information.
TV Programmes including High Definition ones can be recorded and played by other computers on the home network. Programmes can be scheduled for recording up to 14 days ahead, series recordings, first showings, HD preferred, keep for seven days and record on any channel are just some of the options available.
These functions are all controlled by a simple remote control. Keyboard and mouse are not required for the Media Centre functions.
If you have a video camera then there is a library function to accommodate these as well. The Media Centre is also powerful enough to edit HD videos as well as the normal SD videos.
These computers are truly multi-functional and will record two TV programmes and playback another, all simultaneously and all can be HD programmes.

Media Players
For playing back media to a TV in another room we also have a Media Player available. This is the size of a VHS player and incorporates a twin DTV-B Digital TV for local recording.
These players can playback all media stored on the Media Centre Server and any TV recordings made can be shared with the Server and any other PC's on the home network.

Gaming and High Performance Computers
Whilst our range of pre-built computers will suit most home and office requirements we can also build computers to a particular specification to suit the needs of the customer needing a bespoke high performance computer. Using the very latest high performance components we can build a machine to suit your ideal specification.

Terms & Conditions