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Computer Repairs Virus and Malware Removal.
We remove viruses and malware from infected computers. This is basically a leave and collect service.
The process involves cleaning dust from the inside of the computer and checking cooling fans are working, scanning and removing viruses, completing Microsoft Updates and installing a free antivirus package if yours has expired. We only need the tower or laptop. For Tower and desktop PC's don't bring cables, mice or keyboards, just the computer. For laptops we just need the power supply and cable.
We ask you to allow 2 working days for this process to be completed.
If you have backed up your data we charge 30 + VAT for this service.

If hardware faults are found we will advise you of the cost of the work before commencing repairs.

If we are required to backup your data this will increase the cost according to the time involved. The price will depend on where data is stored and the amount needed to be copied.

All machines submitted for repair should have a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows installed. Such computers carry a Microsoft Windows Label with a Registration ID number. If the computer has user passwords we will also need to know them.

Terms & Conditions