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Home Networking Installation Advice and Supplies.
The first component needed to establish a home network is a router. The router manages the connections between computers and network printers etc., and the route to the internet. Routers commonly combine several functions in one box. A good quality router is key to reliable networking.

Cable routers are used by customers with a Virgin Cable connection, ADSL Routers are used by customers connecting to the internet via their telephone line. Each type is available with or without WiFi facilities.

Expansion of the wired network at any location can be achieved by installing and inexpensive Ethernet switch, i.e. Two PC's and a laptop located in a home office, remote from the router can all share a single internet connection by using an Ethernet switch.

If your WiFi network has difficulty reaching some of your rooms we can check to see it is not being interfered with by operating on the same frequency as a neighbour's WiFi. If that is the problem we can switch your WiFi transmitter to a vacant channel. If Wireless range is the problem we can advise and supply a WiFi repeater to overcome the problem.

ADSL Broadband speeds can be adversely affected by poor telephone wiring in the home. The best filters are those installed as a plug in module on the face of the BT Master Socket. A modem router plugged directly to one of these sockets will provide the best performance. Filters plugged around the house at every phone and satellite receiver connection point may result in internet speeds being compromised.

Terms & Conditions