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CCTV Systems
An obvious CCTV system installed outside a building can be a great deterrent to prospective burglars as well as giving a permanent window on the approach to the property from an office, kitchen or any room not enjoying that view.

In addition to a camera or series of cameras a Digital Video Recorder can record permanently or just when motion is sensed. Networked DVR's  can also be connected to the home computer network to allow viewing and playback from any computer on the network or if enabled by the user from a remote location over the internet. Modern high resolution cameras have much improved performance over earlier systems and can work effectively both during the day and in darkness where infra red illuminators take over to allow viewing when dark to the naked eye.

For best night time results CCTV cameras are best used in areas where motion sensing floodlights are also installed, although additional IR illuminators can be installed if pictures are required from areas remaining completely dark.

For the ultimate surveillance speed domes offer the ability to see in night and day, can be optically zoomed up to 36 times, be manually controlled and be set to provide automatic patrols if needing to monitor a large area.

Day/Night Varifocal Camera
(Allows field of view to be precisely set)

Digital Video Recorder

Multi -Camera Remote Controller

Day/Night Speed Dome Camera
(Moves quickly between preset positions or manually when remotely controlled)
Terms & Conditions